Volunteer's Health and Safety Documentation


The safety of our volunteers is a matter of prime concern to us all in the West Berkshire Countryside Society and the documentation listed on this page forms the basis of our health and safety strategy. The essence of this strategy is the focus of each of our task briefings performed by the task leader for the day. Site coordinators, task leaders and volunteers are encouraged to read the following documents which can be downloaded as PDF documents. 


                               We recommend you start by reading our volunteer's handbook and then go on to more detailed specific items:


                                Volunteer's Handbook      Download



                                Safety Plan and Risk Assessment   Download


                                Use of Ladders  Download


                                Use of Chain Saws    Download


                                Use of Brush Cutters    Download


                                Sample Accident Report Form    Download                                                   


                                Fires on site     Download


                                WBCS COSHH risk assessments     Download


                                HPC Use of walk behind brush cutter  Download


                                WBCS Blackthorn risk assesment  Download



                  West Berkshire Countryside Society Health and Safety Policy 





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